Expert Tips

Take care of your car during the lockdown

Short term vehicle storage and maintenance tips for your car during the lockdown.

Having to store your vehicle during the lockdown?
Here are a few handy tips from our expert team!

Protect your vehicle's paint, dashboard and interior from the elements

Cover your vehicle with a car cover and/or park it in the garage, safe from all the elements. This will help to protect not only the the exterior paint, but also your dashboard and the rest of the interior.

Over-inflate your tyres

Slightly over-inflating your tyres will compensate for loss of pressure.

Park it correctly

Do not set the parking brake under tension! Rather use a wheel stopper or chock block; this will ensure that the parking brake cables and components are not under severe tension for the duration of the period of storage.

Keep that charge

If you can, connect the vehicle's battery to an intelligent battery charger, that can perform battery maintenance whilst not in use.

Start it up

Start your vehicle regularly (weekly) and let it idle until the engine reaches operating temperature. This will also allow the exhaust system to heat up and “dry” out any moisture that can cause rust. Make sure that you do this in a well-ventilated area!

Shift those gears

While the engine is running, shift the gearbox through all gears to lubricate. If possible, drive a few meters forward and in reverse.

Get some air flowing

Turn on the heater system in the vehicle and switch vent controls to all the different positions.
Turn on the airconditioning system in the vehicle and switch vent controls to all the different positions.

Respect the lockdown!
All of the above should be done within the prescribe rules of the South African national lockdown.

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